Connected cash flow management

Don't waste time extracting or importing data via Excel files.

Trezorino allows you to automate and centralize data flows with ready-to-use connectors.

Thanks to its integrations, you can reduce the number of errors and speed up your cash management and forecasting process.

Synchronize your bank accounts

Trezorino is in contact with more than 300 French and European banks and applies the most robust security standards on the market.

Take advantage of real-time cash flow updates to make better decisions faster.

Centralize your financial data more easily and quickly

The centralization of your financial flows provides you with consistent and reliable data from your business applications.

Updates to your cash flow statements are automated as they happen, so you don't have to worry about whether your spreadsheet is showing the right numbers or whether your formulas are working.

This allows you to focus more on the essentials: analysis and decision making.

Synchronize your business applications

We understand that every business has unique data integration needs and requirements.

Our team has extensive experience in meeting specific needs and achieving successful integrations regardless of company size, industry or business application.

Do always more with Trezorino.

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