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Make better decisions and look to the future with confidence. Trezorino allows you to monitor and forecast your cash flow in a simple and flexible way.

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We help company managers better analyze and anticipate their cash flow with customized support and an innovative solution that automatically centralizes all the financial data needed to make reliable forecasts.

With Trezorino, keep a clear vision of your financial flows and find the solutions that will guarantee the development of your company.

Efficient cash flow monitoring

Centralizing your financial transactions provides you with consistent and reliable data directly from your bank accounts and business applications.

Updates to your cash flow statements are automatic, so you don't have to worry about whether your spreadsheet is displaying the right numbers or whether your formulas are working correctly.

This allows you to focus more on the essentials: analysis and decision making.

A safer cash flow forecast

With Trezorino, you will be able to anticipate your financing needs, plan your investments at the right time and visualize the evolution of your cash flow.

Cash flow forecasts and scenarios help you plan for the future and respond effectively to unexpected events.

Control your costs and improve your margins

  • Plan your expenses to avoid cash flow problems that can slow down your company development.

  • Immediately identify where and how you need to act by easily analyzing your budget overruns.

  • Reduce your costs by playing the competition and keep a clear vision of the evolution of your expenses over several months.

Plan your growth strategy

Identify the skills you need to meet a future increase in your activity. Build your recruitment plan and anticipate its cost.

Do you need new equipment for your business? Make your purchases and financing requests at the right time.

Collaborative cash management

  • Enhance the cash culture by engaging the collective effort.

  • Build your forecasts with the key players in your company and act effectively on your cash flow.

  • Share your ideas, documents, and keep your collaborators informed in real time.

Cash management for all organizations

Trezorino offers the possibility to manage cash flows at all levels of a company, whether it is an entity, an agency, a department or a project.

It allows everyone to benefit from centralized financial data in real time, to make forecasts, to develop action plans and to simulate the impacts of specific strategies.

You will never be alone.

  • Your first steps are assured by a complete training.

  • You can contact our teams at any time by phone, chat or email.

  • A dedicated cash flow expert who accompanies you throughout your journey.

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